POP Parade January 2019

Courtesy of VJ Media Works

Daawat Sauce Floor Display

Daawat Gets Saucy With Shoppers

Daawat, known for its rice products, recently launched an innovative companion product called Daawat Rice Saute Sauces. Designed for the changing lifestyle needs of consumers, the sauces are being promoted at mass merchants with this floor display.




Vaseline Body Care Floor Display

Vaseline Is 6x Longer Lasting

Ever active in retail, Vaseline joins the winter buzz to promote its range of moisturizers using this uniquely-designed floor display. The staggered product trays and copy panels add a lot of visual interest.





My Little Pony Interactive Display

My Little Pony Gallops In-Store

My Little Pony is grabbing the attention of little ones walking into the store with this engaging display. The height of the display is perfect for kids so they can view promotional messaging via the attached screen.





Radler Beverage Floor Display

Kingfisher Squeezes Out Some Lemony Taste

What happens when an iconic beer brand enters the non-alcoholic beverages segment? That’s what Kingfisher recently did to promote its new non-alcoholic soft drinks…..Radler. The brand chose this multi-tiered, lemony floor display to introduce the new line extension.





Quista Pro Men Floor Display

Quista Pro Muscles Into Retail

Himalaya’s Quista Pro is an advanced whey supplement that touts delivering next level results for men looking to build some muscle. The brand chose this strong-looking display which clearly conveys product messaging. Shoppers were able to stand behind the body builder and use their face to snap photos with cell phones.