Best And Worst On The Brand Campaign Trail

Our editors’ picks this week examine Budweiser bringing together alcohol brands on Repeal Day, how Chipotle turned ingredients into holiday season art and Maker’s Mark’s massive, Scarlett Johansson-assisted global campaign:

Budweiser invites competitors to celebrate Prohibition’s repeal with DOOH displays

The rundown: This week, Budweiser partnered with Jim Beam Bourbon to mark the 85th anniversary of Prohibition’s repeal by calling on fellow alcohol brands to join in on the Dec. 5 celebration, a press release announced. The beer maker parked a number of digital billboards in front of the breweries and offices of Sam Adams, MillerCoors, Heineken, Yuengling and others, according to Adweek, displaying special messages for each competitor, such as: “Dear Heineken, get your heinie to the bar on December 5th. It’s repeal Day. Cheers, Bud.”

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