Walmart Displays

Sparse Movie Merchandising Scene

Memorial Day weekend traditionally would have been the blockbuster kickoff of the summer movie season. But many big studio releases, including James Bond, Wonder Woman and a Marvel film, have been postponed. Subsequently, there are […]


Mesmerizing Twizzlers Graphics

Repeating, contiguous box graphics can deliver visually interesting case-stack displays. This Walmart Hershey’s Twizzlers display case graphic kicks it up a notch!   A simple, but creative design depicts the Twizzlers product on a diagonal […]

Novie Smart Robot

Novie Smart Robot Display Rolls Into Retail

Smart Robot With Skills Renowned as masters of toy innovation, Spin Master is at it again with their latest creation known as Novie. Novie is an interactive smart robot that can perform over 75 different […]

Gleem Pallet Display

Gleem Pallet Display Makes Your Smile Shine

New Gleem Toothbrush Creates Brilliant Smiles Proctor & Gamble Co. is pumping new life into their iconic brand Gleem with the launch of a new battery-powered toothbrush. Designed to compete against category leaders such as […]

Deli Pallet Display

New Look For Deli Reform At The Point Of Sale

Thimm recently developed a POS tray system for Deli Reform to help the company promote their margarines and spreads. Deli Reform’s products are made primarily from vegetable oils and fats which are heavy and require […]