Vintage Point of Purchase Displays

Vintage Point of Purchase Displays

We’re assuming some millionaire with eccentric taste died and this is their estate sale. This week Sotheby’s is holding “Handle With Fun,” consisting of hundreds of vintage objects ranging from point-of-purchase displays to vending machines, […]

Walmart Displays

Sparse Movie Merchandising Scene

Memorial Day weekend traditionally would have been the blockbuster kickoff of the summer movie season. But many big studio releases, including James Bond, Wonder Woman and a Marvel film, have been postponed. Subsequently, there are […]

Hot Wheels
Will's Walkabout

The Summer of Hot Wheels

For the past month or so, I have been completely amazed at the amount of off-shelf inventory in the marketplace for Mattel, Inc.’s Hot Wheels. Our local Kroger stores are jam-packed with merchandising dump bins […]

Novie Smart Robot

Novie Smart Robot Display Rolls Into Retail

Smart Robot With Skills Renowned as masters of toy innovation, Spin Master is at it again with their latest creation known as Novie. Novie is an interactive smart robot that can perform over 75 different […]

Fuggler Display

Fuggler Display Gets Ugly In-Store

Buyer beware, adopt if you dare! What’s a Fuggler you ask? According to their website, Fugglers are funny-ugly monsters that will ruin your life and warm your heart with their mischievous antics and straight-up bonkers […]

Owleez Floor Display

Owleez Display Flies Into Retail

Flying Interactive Baby Owl As children create their wish lists this holiday season,  there’s a good chance that many will want one of the hottest toys in 2019, the Owleez. Made by Spin Master, the […]