Novie Smart Robot

Novie Smart Robot Display Rolls Into Retail

Smart Robot With Skills Renowned as masters of toy innovation, Spin Master is at it again with their latest creation known as Novie. Novie is an interactive smart robot that can perform over 75 different […]

Fuggler Display

Fuggler Display Gets Ugly In-Store

Buyer beware, adopt if you dare! What’s a Fuggler you ask? According to their website, Fugglers are funny-ugly monsters that will ruin your life and warm your heart with their mischievous antics and straight-up bonkers […]

Owleez Floor Display

Owleez Display Flies Into Retail

Flying Interactive Baby Owl As children create their wish lists this holiday season,  there’s a good chance that many will want one of the hottest toys in 2019, the Owleez. Made by Spin Master, the […]

Ubisoft Gaming Displays

Gaming Experiences At The POS

Gaming experiences at the POS: Exceptional backdrop setting for games and fan items Thimm has produced two innovative sales-promoting displays for the big games developer and publisher Ubisoft. In electronics and games retailers two pallet […]

Hatchimals End Cap Display

Hatchimals Super-Sized End Cap Display

You’ve never hatched like this before! Hatchimals WOW is a larger than life, adorable Llalacorn (part llama, part unicorn) that hatches from an egg and has a neck that can magically shrink or grow up […]

Navir's Optic Wonder

The Optic Wonder Self-Shipper Display

Navir’s Optic Wonder is making a presence at specialty retailers with an amazing pocket-sized instrument for that budding scientist in the family. Distributed by Toysmith, the Optic Wonder lets kids explore strange new worlds with […]