Gillette Razors Axe Plastic

Gillette Razors Axe Plastic in Favour of Cardboard Packaging Gillette has put its core lineup of reusable razors into cardboard packaging, in a move expected to eliminate more than 66 tonnes of plastic. The fully […]

Hello Bello

Hello Bello Seasonal Graphics

Hello Bello Seasonal Graphics Lower-priced premium diaper maker Hello Bello secured a permanent end cap at Walmart during the summer this year, and I speculated on whether they would swap-out background graphics to stay seasonally […]

Harry’s Razors

One-Stop Tidy-Up-Shop End Cap

Get your act together right here suggests this Harry’s One-Stop Tidy-Up-Shop end cap Display. But this is not only mainstream Harry’s shaving support. See that Harry aims higher this time offering hair sculpting Gell, Texturing […]