End Cap

Sk*p The Plastic End Cap Display

The First and Only paper BeautyCarton™ Launched to an online market last spring, Sk*p is a clean beauty brand with nontoxic products that targets Gen-Z consumers. Developed by April Hardwick and Mark Veeder (founder of […]

Bubble Skincare
End Cap

Bubble Display Faces The Day

After two years of working with dermatologists and product developers, teen skincare brand Bubble has launched their products in over 4,000 Walmart stores in the US. Walmart has picked up Bubble’s entire cruelty-free, vegan skincare […]


Eco-Friendly Packaging For Flaconi

Thimm recenty developed packaging that is both environmentally-friendly and eye-catching for various beauty products from the Berlin-based online beauty pure player flaconi. The holistic solution acts as a brand ambassador and surprises the recipient with […]