Lenovo Tablets
End Cap

Best In Class Tablet Display

Case Study – Lenovo Tablets Australia-based EDA teamed up with Lenovo to design and manufacture a modular bespoke counter display to showcase their new range of standard and premium tablets.   EDA skillfully interpreted Lenovo’s […]

Vintage Point of Purchase Displays

Vintage Point of Purchase Displays

We’re assuming some millionaire with eccentric taste died and this is their estate sale. This week Sotheby’s is holding “Handle With Fun,” consisting of hundreds of vintage objects ranging from point-of-purchase displays to vending machines, […]

OXO Spiralizer Demo Display

OXO Demo Display Takes Shoppers For A Spin

OXO, founded on the philosophy of Universal Design, offers 1,000+ products covering many areas of the home, all created based on the principle of designing products that are usable by as many people as possible. The award-winning […]

Converge Retail

Converge Retail Unveils Retail Display Platform

Converge Universal Kinetic Retail Display System is an Affordable Out-of-the-Box Solution for Brands and Retailers to Bring Interactivity into Traditional Retail Settings Converge Retail, the company that brings the richness of online shopping to the […]