Walmart Invests Nine Billion In Store Makeovers

Walmart Store Makeover

Walmart’s $9 billion store makeover may already be paying off

As e-commerce sales continue to outperform, Walmart is investing big time to “future proof” its brick and mortar business

Spotlights, staged dinner tables, dressed mannequins — no, it’s not your local theatre play — rather a revamped Walmart (WMT) store.

America’s biggest retailer is seeing some early returns after it announced the grand re-opening of 117 remodeled locations last month. The total price tag for the remodels was over $500 million, with features like new light fixtures, product displays, interactive signs with QR codes, mannequins and more.

It’s part of a $9 billion dollar plan to modernize more than 1,400 stores in the US over two years. In a call with investors following its Q3 results, which showed a slowdown in consumers spending, Walmart US CEO John Furner said the team was “pleased” with the performance of the remodels so far.

“The customer reaction of the new assortment particularly…apparel, pets, beauty, home, a number of categories is really great,” Furner added……………..

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