Our History

Since its commencement in 2006, the Point of Purchase Online Network was created to bring POP designers a reliable resource that would inspire and influence their decision making process from design through retail activation. From this foundation, we started reaching out to other industry segments that play crucial roles in the retail marketing space and eventually created what you see today.

The Point of Purchase Online Network has grown into a robust, global community that believes in the power of collaboration and sharing insights. From the articles we post to the images we host in our gallery, our community continues to support a diverse association of solution providers that are vital to in-store marketing.

So why is this section of the website called Point Of Purchase International Network then? Since our gradual expansion outside of the U.S., we felt it was time to create an extension with popon.net to better represent the POP industry and the professionals who use it on a daily basis.

Our new website now offers a more robust platform that enables powerful search capabilities and a more organized approach to cataloging our articles and news releases. Note that the Point Of Purchase Online Network which will still host our image gallery and buyers guides.

As always, we encourage you to contact us with your comments and thoughts.


Comments From Our Community

“Thanks for the update! I’ve always enjoyed your site, and use it frequently. Keep up the good work.”…..Ryan Frost – Director of Creative Services


” BTW, I am really enjoying your website. It is the best one-stop source of information i have ever found! “…..Glenn Andrews – Color Clarity – Owner

” To make mention of the “Good Things” that have taken place during the Turnout Dispensing venture, POPON has most definitely been one!! …….Doug Weisner – Turnour Dispensing Systems – Owner

” I found your Linkedin group from POPON! I am researching a printing company that specializes in POP support. I have extensive experieince in printing but I need to know more about POP trends and vocabulary. POPON is very helpful. ” ……Michael Huff – Sales Executive


” The site update looks SO nice. Thanks again for including me” ……David Lemley – Lemley Design – Owner

“I began receiving your collateral materials recently and find them excellent, well designed and useful. A breath of fresh air in an oft stagnant industry.”…Jamie Bauer – OmniStore Inc – President

“BTW, Kevin: love what you’re doing with the redesign of your web site. Much cleaner, more focused and stronger. Good stuff.” … Claire Ratushny – Write Strategy – Owner


“Thanks for the opportunity to enhance our presence on POPON. I very much appreciate the flexibility of your new pages and the ability to adapt the various aspects to Trion’s specific needs in communicating with our diverse Retail and POP clientele. Being able to target everything from case studies, to custom manufacturing, to our popular Literature Library is a big plus. Once you have our page finalized, send me the link and I will unveil to my Sales, Marketing and C-suites.” … Tony Kadysewski – Trion Industries – Marketing Communications Manager

“Thanks for all the great information on your site! I use it as a resource quite frequently and find the information very valuable.” … Susan

“I was just going through the site this morning and I have to say that it is just awesome. It is so easy to navigate through and find information. Plus the way you present the companies is really outstanding.”… Melanie Kustwin – Midway Displays, Inc.


“I often read the site for the latest news, it is very convenient and always up to date”… Colin Casella, Universal Protective Packaging – Business Development Manager

“We appreciate your help in growing our business!!! We think you do a great job and offer a needed service.” … Terry Pausch, MAWD – Director of Marketing and Sales

“I think this is a great resource and will defintely pass it along to others in the industry” … Jeff Peterson, AGI Instore – VP of Creative Services


You are obviously devoted to making a difference in the industry as well. I browsed your website and am so impressed by the thought and passion you bring to your “mission.” … Susan Kimelman – NASFM

“Your site is coming along nicely: every time i go back to it, it looks better than the last time” …Karen Dooderman, NASFM – Director of Sales & Marketing

“Wow! This is great. It’s about time someone put it all together! Thanxs!” … Chelsea Bagley – Display Boys


“With POPON, why look anywhere else!?”… Michele Cullison – Promotional Packaging, Glaxosmithkline

“Site is looking good and i look forward to seeing it develop”… David Patton – Creative Services Supervisor, PIN, Inc

“POPON is a great way to bring buyers and producers together. Searching the web for a supplier can take hours. POPON narrows the search and saves time”… Ed White – Display Smart, LLC


“Personally, i think that there is a need for this type of “clearing house” site for our industry and i expect that POPON will do well”… Arc Shelichach, Clipstrip Corp

“Thanks Kevin. You guys are the best for hanging in there with me and making this happen”….Colette George, ECOWOOD Retail Displays

“I enjoy your emails and checking out the site on a regular basis. Very helpful, informative and loaded with a wealth of value!”… Joel Kirstein, Designer


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