Blue Moon Crate Stacker Display

How It All Began

Born from a love for baseball, Blue Moon was first created at the Sandlot Brewery in Denver, CO in 1995, with the goal of brewing well-crafted beers inspired by Belgian styles with a refreshing twist. Among the many beers brewed out of Sandlot Brewery, one fan favorite emerged, and in true baseball fashion was named “Bellyslide Wit.” It wasn’t until someone said, “A beer this good only comes around once in a blue moon” that Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale was born. Since then, we’ve been a home run for baseball fans at home and at the park, making every game a little brighter

Knowing the American palate would appreciate a bit more brightness than the typical tartness of a Belgian Wit, Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale was brewed with Valencia orange peel to accomplish the one-of-a-kind signature, subtle sweetness that we all know and love today.


Blue Moon

Staying true to its unique history and marketing roots, Blue Moon was recently spotted in supermarkets merchandising their Belgian-Style Wheat Ale with this square pole stacker display.

Since Blue Moon uses Valencia Orange Peel to accomplish their one-of-a-kind signature taste, it was only fitting that the company used a branded crate containing several faux oranges to support this promotion. All four sides of the crate were printed along with a Blue Moon die cut logo perched amongst the oranges.




Blue Moon Holiday Beer Standee

Blue Moon Wood Floor Display

Blue Moon Neon Shelf Sign









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