Organic Garden Displays Offer Seasonal Scents

Organic Garden Displays

Seasonal Scents On Shelf

With the holidays fast approaching, many shoppers are looking for that special gift that brings out the holiday spirit. On a recent store check at Mast General Store, we found these unique soy wax melts that make great presents and add festive scents to shoppers seasonal decors.

For those not familiar, Mast General Store was started in 1883 in the rural community of Valle Crucis, North Carolina as a store that served the needs of the community. That tradition carries on today in the original store as well as a few others which are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. If you ever have the opportunity to visit one, be sure you do as it’s a very unique, old-timey retail experience.


Organic Garden Displays


Organic Garden Displays

Back to the melts………staying true to their organic roots, the brand chose to display several different wax melts in these molded pulp clamshell trays…..creative, cost-effective approach that works well for this product and promotion. A simple adhesive label was applied to the inside of the lids to help identify the various scents. Natural rope hinges and bows added to the all-organic, rustic, holiday theme.



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