POP Parade September 2014

Courtesy of VJ Media Works

Caramello Floor Display

The Silky Way

Cadbury has launched a tasteful point-of-purchase display for Caramello, a new variant in the Dairy Milk Silk category. Sab Creations was engaged to create this unit which highlighted the fine quality of the product and targeted the younger generation of shoppers. The fabrication consisted of MDF sheets, metal pipe and Duco paint. Digital prints were used for the graphic applications.


Kellogg's Cereal Cart Display

Relive The Farm Experience

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes brought the farm experience alive at-retail with its ‘out-of-the-box’ display featuring their Corn Flakes product line. The installation directly connected with the brand communication “Anaaj Ka Nashta, A Solid Start for You”. The brand tied up with Sab Creations Pvt. Ltd for the design and fabrication work. The cart was produced using pinewood, metal pipe and digital prints.


Kinder Joy First Time Floor Display

Just for Kids

Kinderjoy sought to highlight the new launch of boys’ and girls’ toys with this innovative display. The FSU communicated the message across 75 outlets in the western zone of India. Designed and fabricated using metal pipe, MDF and digital print, the stacker display is attracting the eyeballs of innumerable kids– the target audience.


Lego City Shelf Display

Give Shape To Your Ideas

The popular toy brand Lego has recently launched this Shop in Shop (S-i-S) which was designed and fabricated by DMS Retail Works Pvt. Ltd. The end cap includes various elements like wallbays, gondolas and pillar cladding.
The pillar structure has an interactive diorama which showcases the toys. The (S-i-S) is fabricated in a combination of MDF finished in PU paint. Other elements include digital prints for branding and acrylic signage.


Fair And Handsome Floor Display

For That Flawless Look

Emami has rolled out POP displays to promote its ‘Fair and Handsome Instant Face Wash’ at various retail outlets. Made of MDF and digital print, the unit has been conceptualised by taking cues from Emami Fair And Handsome product features which has an instant reaction and cooling effect on the face. The branding makes the unit stand out against other category related products. The display is targeted towards men of all ages who are conscious about their skin tone and look.


Kellogg's Chocos Floor Display

Don’t Miss The Bus

Kellogg’s Chocos, the popular breakfast snack for kids, recently rolled out this interesting display during the monsoon season to create excitement in-store for school re-opening time. The display, shaped like a school bus packed with boxes of Chocos, is made with metal pipe, MDF, sun-board and digital print. The unit is attracting numerous eyeballs, especially the kids and their parents who are always on the hunt for yummy and nutritious food for their children.


Scotch-Brite Stain Cutters Floor Display

Leave No Stains

Scotch Brite, the popular scrub pad manufacturer, has recently launched a new variant with stain cutter technology which provides superior cleaning. In this competitive category, the brand rolled out this island branding complete with a large graphic that separated products in the curved bin and created a great visual that shoppers couldn’t miss when visiting the soap and sanitary section of hyper stores.