Delsym Flip Up Riser Reduces Shipping Footprint

Delsym Cough Side Kick Display

Delsym, an American brand owned by Reckitt Benckiser, is appearing at several major retailers across the US for the cold and flu season. Delsym is different from most brands of cough medicine in that the active ingredient is “time released”. The time release feature allows their product to suppress the cough reflex for a longer period of time, making it a category leader.

We found the side kick display shown here at a mass merchant retailer and wanted to share a neat design element with you. We have all seen (or not) how risers are handled by retailers……some put them up and others cover the all important marketing message with labels that showcase their special price points…..kinda like what you see here with this display.

In the spirit of sustainability, the marketing message on this display can be folded down against the front copy panel which greatly reduces the shipping footprint. Whenever a design presents the opportunity to compress the size of the shipper, the amount of cases per pallet increases, sometimes dramatically. With this Delsym side kick, we estimated approximately a 25% reduction in overall height (length dimension of case) which is significant.

Besides the ability to palletize more cases, another nice feature of this design is that the riser is integral to the tray, increasing the odds of compliance (set-up) in store. Lastly, this design offers brand the ability to run large quantities of the ‘base’ tray component and cost-effectively create custom smaller run risers for new promotions.