Tidy Cat Interactive POP Display Demonstrates New LightWeight Features



Dirty litter boxes often spell disaster for cats and their owners. Our feline friends will put up with a lot in terms of lax litter box cleaning habits, but at some point every cat will stop and say “No way!

To make the task of taking care of the litter box a bit more convenient for pet owners, Purina recently launched Tidy Cats LightWeight. According to their website, Tidy was the first to invent litter, so why not reinvent it by making it light weight? “…..which is exactly what they did.

Tidy Cats doesn’t let heavy litter weigh you down anymore as its weight has been cut in half, which is a big reprieve from hauling around those back-breaking, oversized bags of litter. The new and improved Tidy Cat comes in at 8.5lbs while other leading scooping litters weigh a hefty 20.0 lbs. Even though the weight has been reduced tremendously, Purina still guarantees that Tidy Cats will provide continuous odor control, powerful absorbency, 99.9% dust free and most importantly…….light, tight clumps for easy cleanup.

To support the launch in-store, Purina is using a few different interactive shelf displays. The narrow display below was spotted at Pet Smart and the full end cap version (very bottom) was located at Walmart.


Tidy Cat Shelf Tray

So how does it compare? Anytime a brand can give shoppers an “experience”, in this case a weight comparison between Tidy Cat LightWeight and traditional litter, it’s a huge win. The sturdy on-shelf display shown above enabled shoppers to lift both of the tethered products to perform the weight comparison. This invitation to try before you buy is an instant deal sealer.

The angled copy panel lists some of the benefits of the new litter as well as a call-to-action statement challenging shoppers to ‘Lift and Feel the Difference’. Purina is so confident that cat lovers will be impressed by their new product that they are offering a money back guarantee if not satisfied. If you happen to pass by this display, give it a try. We were amazed when we lifted both products and noticed the incredible weight difference between the two.


Tidy Cat Walmart Full End Cap

Tidy Cat ran a special ad in Walmart’s Sunday circular with an image of the full end cap display and an accompanying call-to-action statement “Look for our display in stores to lift for yourself”.