Creative Instore Solutions Helps Panasonic Power Up

Panasonic Power Your Day End Cap Display

Panasonic Energy Europe joined forces with Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) producing a gondola end category management solution to create an in store beacon for their energy products. The display unit to be featured in B&M, one of the fastest-growing discount retailers in the UK with over 400 stores, provided Panasonic the opportunity to showcase their product range.

From the outset Panasonic had clear display requirements specifically around not only raising the profile of the battery category but also to ensure consumers were adequately educated in their product choices, all whilst helping the retailer to differentiate their store proposition. In line with the B&M aim of providing customers with a fun and exciting shopping experience, CIS produced a bold and informative category management solution to prompt shoppers to remember battery purchases showcasing great products at exceptional value.

With a semi-permanent life expectancy, the initial roll out of the category management solution is clearly an in store success story with its high quality print and finishes. The unit communicates core brand messages to consumers including anti-leak protection whilst showcasing calls to action close to the till. CIS ensured a fresh look for gondola end display perfectly showcasing the vast array of Panasonic product giving the brand a clear in store brand identity.