100BON Sprays Scents In-Store


Dedicated to all-natural ingredients

French perfumery 100BON has partnered up with Walgreens to promote their sustainable line of perfumes. The company, located in Grasse, France, is dedicated to using all-natural ingredients in their products like wheat, beetroot and essential oils.

In addition to their ingredients, 100BON also prides itself in using sustainable materials in their packaging, such as recyclable glass and biodegradable paperboard……no plastic.

Taking sustainability one step further, the brand designed their glass bottles so that they can be refilled with more of their long-lasting, clean fragrances.

100BON is using this earthy-looking, corrugate shelf display to help debut their sustainable products in the US. The display features 8 test fragrances that are ready for purchase in the vertical storage compartments just behind the test bottles.


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