Zarbee’s End Cap Display Offers Natural Relief

Zarbee’s End Cap Display

Zarbee’s Says We’ll Be There

This flu season is shaping up as one of the worst in years. According to the CDC, this is the first time in 13 years that the entire US is experiencing widespread and intense flu activity.

Zarbee’s recently partnered with CVS to develop an end cap program to help shoppers take the sting out of cold and flu symptoms. Strategically placed next to the pharmacy, the display provided several solutions to keep the family hive healthy.

Zarbee’s leveraged their ‘bee-themed’ product line by merchandising all of the products in honeycomb-shaped trays. The display was split in half to highlight adult products on the left and kids & babies on the right. Some simple graphics and product attributes were printed on the display to educate shoppers about the brands safe and effective wellness products.

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