Dr Squatch and Halo Clean Up With Walmart

Dr Squatch

Halo, Dr. Squatch and Walmart recently teamed up to bring back a special campaign that they ran a few years ago. This year’s campaign was executed using a cleverly designed end cap promoting a limited-edition Spartan Scrub soap and the Halo Infinite game.

Dr. Squatch’s “Spartan Scrub” soap is inspired by Master Chief and the wider Halo universe in more ways than one, with an appropriate green and burnt orange color scheme disguising plenty of natural ingredients like Little John (particularly appropriate), Bishop’s Wort, Sevenbark Root, Silver Sage, Yuzu, and Cedarwood. There’s plenty of great stuff in this soap, but the end goal is a healthy hygiene product that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and makes you smell (presumably) like the Master Chief himself.


Dr Squatch

The end cap display featured several variants of the brands’ soap bars with the Spartan Scrub getting best visibility near the top of the display next to the Master Chief. In addition to the Chief being printed on the face of the package, the inside of the box was what most shoppers were after. Each package was printed with a unique code on the inside that gamers could use to unlock free Halo Infinite in-game content.

As cool as this promotion is, the real attention-grabber on the display is the Master Chief holding a limited-edition Spartan Scrub soap while in an outdoor shower…..brilliant creative!











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