Neutrogena Floor Display Offers Double Cleansing

Neutrogena Floor Display

The Neutrogena Double Cleansing Method Gives Your Skin The Complete Clean

Neutrogena recently made a splash in Walgreens to promote their Double Cleansing Method product line. Marketed as a cleansing set, shoppers were able to pair up two different types of towelettes with the Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub.

According to their facebook page, The Neutrogena Double Cleansing Method gives your skin the complete clean and is the ideal way to get #unready every night. Our regimen combines two clinically proven products that work even better together for clear, healthy-looking skin.

To help deliver the message in-store, Neutrogena created this mixed material, dual-sided floor display. Our favorite element was the curved, plastic piece on top of the riser that was printed with a water graphic, creating a cool, circulating flow from top to bottom.



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