Football Display Offers Crunch Time Snacks

Sales of the leading potato chip brands

With over one month of the NFL season under our belts, football related promotions are still scoring in-store, especially in the potato chip category. According to the results of a survey published by statista, Lay’s was the undisputed market leader in 2017, with sales of about 1.7 billion U.S. dollars. Additional market research has estimated that the industry will generate USD 38 billion dollars by 2021.

For 2018, all of the brands shown on the chart above have their work cut out for them to knock Lay’s off the podium as the brand continues to deliver super innovative products backed by strong marketing campaigns. Case in point, this past summer, Lay’s rolled out 8 new potato chip flavors that showcase local cuisines from across the country….yum right?


Football Floor Display

On a recent store check, we spotted this really cool football-shaped floor display in several supermarket retailers. At first it appeared that the display was brand specific because the entire display was loaded with bags of Cape Cod chips. This proved to be incorrect because when we visited other stores, we noticed that the lug-on piece at the top of the football was switched out to accommodate other brand logos.

Not knowing the full marketing intent behind this display, we would have to assume it was customized brand specific or sent out to retailers as a kit that enabled them to choose which brand was on display. If anyone in our audience has more specifics, please feel free to contact us. If your company produced the display and would like full recognition in this article, we can assist!



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