Editor’s Picks From POS Stars 2018

For the tenth year, judges have selected the best industry projects in the POS STARS 2018 design competition which was held in Warsaw Poland on September 12-13. The competition consisted of 17 companies who competed for awards in the following 16 categories: Beverages, Food, Alcohol & Tobacco, Cosmetics, Electronics, Card Displays, Displays, Finance, Automotive, Digital POS Design of the Year, Industry, Pharmacy, POS EVENT, Kids, Entertainment and award GRAND PRIX.

Check out some of our favorites below. If you missed it, we ran a feature article on a Nestle Lion floor display that was also entered into the competition.



Fuze Tea Display

DISPLAY NAME: Fuze Tea Display  (Producer ATS Display)
CLIENT: Coca – Cola HBC Poland
DISPLAY DIMENSIONS: Width: 1855 mm; Depth: 740 mm; Height: 2100 mm.
FUNCTIONALITY: Leaf shape referring to the tea flavor of the new drink Polish market.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Numerous illuminated elements emphasizing the fruity character of the drink refers to a tree and several flavors originating from a single source.
INFORMATION ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN: The exhibition supports the introduction of a new product in the Polish market. The most important goal of this project was to distinguish the product from the competition and draw consumers’ attention to the display’s impressive size. The shape of the exhibition represents the Fuze Tea logo and the refreshing taste of the drink.



Grolsch Puzzle Floor Display

DISPLAY NAME: Grolsch Puzzle Display  (Producer – ANVIS Display)
CLIENT: Kompania Piwowarska
DISPLAY DIMENSIONS: 135 x 55 x 210 cm.
MATERIAL OF MAKING: Sizing, plastic, plywood, stainless steel.
FUNCTIONALITY: Access to the stand is possible on all sides. Cubes with products are
rotating and backlit from the top of the stand and from the side. A space for a fridge is provided. Brand communication is clearly marked thanks to the logo and shape of the bottle displayed.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Rotating cubes, interesting play of lights passing through the angles,




Jack Daniels Chopper Island Display

DISPLAY NAME: Jack Daniels Chopper Island  (Producer – Dago Display)
CLIENT: Brown-Forman
DISPLAY DIMENSIONS: W. 1200 mm x 800 mm x H. 1500 mm.
MATERIAL OF MAKING: Varnished MDF board, PMMA, LED lighting.
FUNCTIONALITY: Island-display stand, visual display, original design, expressive
product presentation, LED backlight and lighting.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Interesting, original design, high quality of materials used, display
product through lighting, musical stand.
INFORMATION ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN: A shelf for large-area and model stores.




Dewar's Vaporizer Display

DISPLAY NAME: Dewar’s Vaporizer Display (Producer – HOLO)
DISPLAY DIMENSIONS: 1450 x 640 x 1260 mm
MATERIAL OF IMPLEMENTATION: MDF, copper, components of the odor spray system
FUNCTIONALITY: The technologies used allow to atomize the selected fragrance
SPECIAL FEATURES: The Vaporizer gives you the opportunity to taste fragrances in the sales halls. The customer can assess the qualities of whiskey by using the sense of smell.
INFORMATION ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN: The aim of the campaign was to get closer to the customer and build awareness of the whiskey category using the smell, or the sense that best determine the characteristics of the drink.



Hennessy Floor Stand Display

DISPLAY NAME: Hennessy Stand Wow Display  (Producer – ATS Display)
CLIENT: Moët Hennessy Polska
DISPLAY DIMENSIONS: Width: 880; Depth: 680; Height: 1765 mm.
MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION: Chipboard, steel elements, varnished wire, PMMA mirror, PVC.
FUNCTIONALITY: Compact size, product presentation from 4 sides, numerous refinements,
interactive header.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Gold PMMA mirrored optically increasing the number of products on
shelf, sequentially backlit header, UV varnish improving the chipboard.
INFORMATION ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN: Hennessy is a brand of cognac with over 200 years of tradition. Display for this product required a unique and exclusive exposure at the point of sale to activate sales in various channels. The mentioned exclusiveness is emphasized by golden elements display, illuminated shelves, used PMMA gold mirrored and sequentially backlit header presenting a bottle of cognac.


If you wish to see more of this year’s POS Stars winners, click here to view the complete list. Congratulations to all of the entries!