Bud Knight Is Resurrected With Life Size Standee

Bud Knight

After meeting a grisly end in a Super Bowl commercial this year, the Bud Knight has been resurrected with some fresh new ad spots for the popular beer influencer. For those who did not catch the commercial, the Bud Knight was killed off by Game of Thrones character, The Mountain, in an ad spot that was a teaser for the season finale of the popular cable show.

Anheuser-Busch’s armor-clad character was recently spotted in-store promoting Bud Light with this life size standee. Constructed using several layers of foam core, the standee was brilliantly executed from a graphics perspective. If you get a chance to check one of these displays out, you will see what we mean….Dilly Dilly !



Bud Light Beer Guy Stacker Display

Bud Light Headquarters Signage

Bud Light Epic Trip To Indy Pallet Display