GPI Develops Innovative Paperboard Packaging Solution


Graphic Packaging International (GPI) has developed KeelClip™, a paperboard packaging solution for cans that offers sustainability advantages and merchandising benefits as compared to other packaging options. KeelClip, the company’s latest innovation in paperboard packaging solutions, performs well in high-speed environments thanks to the corresponding KeelClip 1600 machinery system.

Bud Light 4 Pack KeelClip™“KeelClip is preferred to other can packaging options due to sustainability, brand positioning and high-speed application advantages. That’s a game-changer,” said GPI’s Executive Vice President and Americas President, Joe Yost. “It’s a product that was engineered with sustainability in mind. It also serves our customers with more branding options and, even better, it provides their consumers with an improved user experience and a product they can feel good about using.”

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