Native Display Offers Nasty-Free Products

Native Display Offers Nasty-Free Products

Deodorant That Isn’t A Chemistry Experiment

Purchased by Proctor & Gamble back in 2017, Native is making an appearance at Walgreens this month to promote their natural line of deodorant products. Native’s popularity started as an online, direct-to-consumer personal care brand which is a great fit for P&G’s digital initiatives.

“From ingredients to packaging to branding, over the next few years, brands will be challenged to focus on safety and purity, to clearly communicate product benefits, and to turn to technology in order to take a local and ethical stance,” a report from P&G stated.

In addition to their robust online sales, the brand recently launched several new TV ads to help reinforce the brand and bolster market share. In addition, they also rolled out this floor display at Walgreens to engage shoppers in store.

The two-sided display merchandised 3 variants of deodorants on cantilevered shelves. The subway tile and blue accents created a very clean, cool and clinical appearance. A little hard to discern from the photos, but the Native logo was actually a vacuum form adhered from the inside to match the die cut letters. Several copy areas brought attention to the brand’s natural product attributes of being aluminum and paraben free as well.


Native Display Offers Nasty-Free Products


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