How To Land A Great POP Display Instore

Article Courtesy of RICH Limited


On February 18, 2021, in an extraordinary moment for global space exploration and the scientific community, the NASA Perseverance rover made a flawless landing on Mars to the eruption of applause by the NASA team that made it happen. After more than 6 months of travel and nearly 300 million miles, Perseverance navigated treacherous terrain marked by sand dunes, steep cliffs, boulders, and small craters to make a pinpoint landing in a 28-mile-wide ancient lake bed and river delta. The spacecraft’s heat shield endured peak temperatures of 2,370 degrees Fahrenheit and traveled at 12,000 miles per hour before having to slow down to 1.7 miles per hour over a 7-minute period during which it had no communication with the NASA team on Earth. Perseverance’s historic landing brought back memories of a consumer electronics POP display we created a few years ago…………..

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