How Not To Fail At The Point Of Sale

James Haggas - Managing Director at The Valley Group

Point Of Sale

How not to Fail with your Point of Sale
Don’t order a single FSDU or retail display until you’ve read this:

We’ve taken our 125 years of experience, working with global brands and retailers to share some of the secrets of creating effective point of sale that delivers the best sell-through and ROI.

1. What makes for a good Shopper marketing brief?

As projects progress, it can be easy lose sight of what you are actually trying to achieve; i.e. what do you actually want the shopper to see, feel, experience and do. Project briefs can be long, complex and often contain too much information. Therefore we recommend you write a short, memorable statement of ‘anchor definition’ which sums up the project and the ultimate objective i.e. “what are we trying to achieve here?.”

It’s also important to have a clear idea of the expected deliverables, as well as a well formed budget, timing plan and clarity on the decision makers who will need to approve, review and sign-off along the way.

Here at Valley, we go beyond just following the retail guidelines; we adhere to them whilst creating a display that will work hard for you, delivering the ROI you need in-store.


Point Of Sale

2. What are the practical considerations?

Over the years, you’d be amazed at how many clients have approached us with highly creative concepts that didn’t take into account the necessary practicalities of being in-store with the sometimes unexpected behaviour of shoppers. A critical issue is………….

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