WestRock and T+ink Launch First-Ever Merchandising Display Solution

WestRock and T+ink

WestRock and T+ink today launched the first-ever merchandising display solution to incorporate printed electronic sensors in smart shelves and smart pegs. Collaborating with Intel®, a world leader in computing innovation, the companies will incorporate intelligent end-point fixtures into merchandising display solutions that give retailers, brands and distributors detailed, real-time information about on-shelf product availability. WestRock, one of the world’s largest and most innovative merchandising display manufacturers, and T+ink, a leader in printed electronics, will be the first to integrate these smart technologies into retail display offerings.

“WestRock is once again at the forefront of retail display systems integration, now working with one of the largest and most successful computing technology companies in the world, alongside a market leader in conductive ink technologies,” said Craig Gunckel, executive vice president, Merchandising Displays and Folding Carton, WestRock. “We are now able to offer our customers a display solution that incorporates low-cost technology for inventory tracking, making it possible to better serve consumers shopping for products from cleaning supplies to beverages and snacks.”

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