Evian Display Wins German Packaging Award

Evian-Volvic Suisse SA


The easy-to-assemble flap display for Evian-Volvic Suisse SA was conceived as a means of replacing metal with corrugated cardboard. Model AG, based in Weinfelden, Switzerland, was tasked with replacing the previous metal display with a floor display made from corrugated cardboard to reduce costs and shipping weight, as well as to make the display easier to assemble. The company chose Fusion of Sappi for the topliner because of its outstanding material properties and processing characteristics. The success of the display and its design concept proves that Fusion topliner was the right choice: the evian® display recently won the German Packaging Award 2015 in the category of Display and Promotional Packaging.

“The composition of Fusion topliner (180 g/m2) makes it more elastic than other papers and the edges stay perfect even after bending. In other words, its optimum virgin fibre composition means that the paper doesn’t break at folded edges,” says Andreas Benninger, Leader at Model Crea. “This award validates that our innovative solutions are being noticed in the German market. It was also exciting to see the change in the ecological and economic factors when offset-laminated corrugated cardboard is used instead of metal.”

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