Vivid Backlit Fabric Offers Brighter Bolder Graphics

Vivid Backlit Fabric

Vivid Backlit Fabric combined with the space saving 50mm frame is the best solution for brighter bolder graphics and space saving designs.


Vivid Backlit Fabric for Lightboxes

Our new Vivid Backlit Fabric is the premier choice for lightboxes. This revolutionary fabric provides truer and bolder printed colors and is wrinkle resistant. Printed graphics can be shipped folded, saving space and shipping costs.

Vibrant Printed Color

  • Bright white fabric diffuses light evenly
  • No hot spots or shadowing from LED lights
  • Vivid and bold colors


A Thinner Profile 50mm (2″) Backlit Lightbox means more space for your product displays & merchandise.

Our 50mm (2″) custom size lightbox is more functional than regular 100mm (4”) frames. Now you can integrate rich, engaging graphics into your retail design without the bulky extrusions taking up room in your aisles or shelves.

Get the benefits of changeable tension graphics with Vivid Backlit Fabric. Light up your displays and grab the attention of shoppers for an engaging in-store experience.






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