INFINITY Styrene Faced Foamboard Proven UV Resistant

INFINITY® Styrene Faced Foamboard

The Gilman Brothers Company is excited to announce that INFINITY® Styrene Faced Foamboard is now UV resistant.

“The retail markets have been demanding a UV resistant styrene faced foamboard and The Gilman Brothers Company has met that demand today with INFINITY®,” says Bill VanHorn, Director of Sales.

Independent testing of UV resistant INFINITY® is part of the company’s ongoing initiative to provide the market with quality products supported by reliable technical data and resources. “Our newly hired team member will drive tech support as we continue to build upon value added platforms and new markets soon to be served,” says Ari Luna, Business Development Manager.

A ten-page Commercial Launch Package reintroducing INFINITY® UV Resistant Styrene Faced Foam Board was recently made available to the industry by The Gilman Brothers Company. With unparalleled transparency, the commercial launch package includes updated sell sheets, pictures, visual metrics and test certificates along with details around the fluorescent cool white and QUV tests.

Independent testing performed by Q-Lab Testing Services of Homestead, FL compared new UV resistant INFINITY® alongside original INFINITY® and a competing styrene-faced foamboard. Q-Lab UV test results demonstrated that new UV resistant INFINITY® performed superior when compared to other test subjects.

“The graphics and packaging industries continue to evolve at lightning speed. We are not only keeping up but also getting ahead of trends. Our UV resistant INFINITY® delivers exceptional value throughout the entire supply chain,” says Bill VanHorn, Director of Sales. “Team Gilman is excited about what lies ahead with additional product enhancements, as well as new game changing service platforms.”

INFINITY® is a UV resistant styrene faced foamboard for semi-to-permanent applications. Made with a proprietary digital grade styrene surface which eliminates post production cleaning or any additional preparation prior to printing, INFINITY® increases your productivity. With INFINITY®, you can print direct, ship flat, and then cold bend into 3D shapes to assemble on site. INFINITY® provides cost-saving solutions to your bottom line. The versatility of INFINITY® brings any design to life to further enhance your customer’s retail experience.

To receive a sample of INFINITY® styrene faced foamboard, or to see a video about INFINITY®, visit our website at, email us at or call regular EST business hours 860-889-8444 USA or our 24/7 hotline 860-884-2077.