How Much Does A Counter Display Cost

Countertop display

Countertop display units, or CDU or CTU for short are very often positioned at retail checkouts or till-points and are designed to encourage shoppers to make last minute, impulse purchases before they pay for what they originally entered the shop to purchase; For example you will often see CTUs at till points in petrol forecourts offering confectionery, e-Cigarette products or gadgets that can be used in cars.

Away from the checkout, you will find countertop displays positioned in other locations such as shelves or merchandising display tables, an example of this would be costume jewellery within a retail clothing store.

So, with so many possible applications, how much do they actually cost….? Well, the truth is, that really depends on A LOT of different factors.

The cost of a countertop display unit depends on a number of factors including materials used, footprint, overall size, functional requirements, life expectancy and ultimately the quantity required.

Let’s explore factors that affect the price of a countertop retail display…

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