Spicers Paper and The Gilman Brothers Company Extend Agreement

Gilman Brothers Company

Spicers Paper and The Gilman Brothers Company have announced they are extending their authorized distribution agreement for 2017. As an authorized distributor, Spicers Paper will continue to be a key supplier of Gilman Brothers’ full line of rigid substrates including INFINITY® styrene-faced foamboard and InSite® Reveal® clay-coated foamboard, as well as EAGLECELL™ all-paper graphics board.

Gilman Brothers’ realigned focus with Spicers Paper, Kelly Paper and Lindenmyer Munroe positions Gilman Brothers to better reach wide format printers with multiple inventory locations across the Western US. “We are excited to continue our aggressive growth strategy in all markets. The West Coast continues to be a strategic market for us and Spicers Paper will continue driving our brand,” says Bill VanHorn, Director of Sales at Gilman Brothers.


As commercial print has evolved into new markets, so has Spicer Paper by assembling a comprehensive portfolio of wide and grand format products which include the Gilman Brothers line of rigid substrates. The renewed distribution agreement will ensure that Spicers Paper will have Gilman Brothers material on their warehouse floor ready to meet the growing demand of the wide format print market.

Plans are underway for widespread open house opportunities across the West Coast in the upcoming months. New marketing initiatives and sales promotions will be unveiled with the new year to drive growth and increase market share.


Spicers Paper is a full-service paper distributor with nine locations throughout the Western US. For more information, visit their website at http://spicers.com/.

For additional information on any Gilman Brothers products visit our website at www.gilmanbrothers.com, email us at sales@gilmanbrothers.com or call regular EST business hours 860-889-8444 USA or the new 24/7 hotline 860-884-2077.