Is There A Future For Traditional Sign Shops

Digital Signage

Are there any digital signage opportunities for sign shops in this dynamic signage market that’s projected to swell to $20 billion by 2020?

First of all, $20 billion is quite impressive, considering that the digital signage market as we know it today is only about 10 years old. Not too long ago, expensive hardware and a lack of reliable connectivity were barriers to digital adoption. However, the technology has improved and the total cost of ownership has decreased, so more buyers and sellers are making the switch to digital signage for information presentation.

This technological shift can be intimidating for traditional sign shops that are forced to either adapt or resign themselves to failure. As more businesses adopt to — and begin to see the advantages of — digital signs, those who don’t start looking into digital signage opportunities for traditional sign shops stand to lose significant market share.
The digital advantage

One of the biggest benefits of digital signage is its efficiency at engaging consumers. A frequently cited blog shows that 59 percent of consumers who came into contact with digital signage wanted to learn more about the advertised topic. Though this engagement comes with higher implementation costs than traditional signage, the benefits make it a worthwhile and defensible investment:

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