Eco-Friendly CRAZY Floor Display

Article provided by Maniraj Juneja

Amitoje India CRAZY FSU

7 Reasons Why: CRAZY FSU is the most eco-friendly display rack on the planet

The CRAZY FSU is a patent pending display rack created by us at Amitoje India. It’s foldable, reusable and changeable – and it’s very eco-friendly. Take a look at this short video of how it functions and then the below article shall highlight what makes it so eco friendly.

1. Made fully of Aluminium (fully recycleable): Aluminium is one of the easiest materials to recycle. It is non toxic, lightweight and easy to store and dispose. So one CRAZY FSU today can become an airplane component tomorrow.

2. Aluminum doesnt involve cutting of trees: Most displays are made of wood, corrugated paper or plastic. While plastic has it own issues, wood and paper contribute heavily to cutting down of forests and most of it is burnt rather than recycled.

3. Same structure, use different graphics: Display and retail furniture is created, used for a period of a few months and discarded. Instead imagine the cost, time and resources we are saving when we just change the branding of the unit, keeping the structure intact. Since the unit is foldable and easy to transport, you can store it for later use, instead of buying a new one the next time.

4. Reduce logistics carbon footprint: Since the CRAZY FSU is foldable, it reduces transportation volume by 90%. Thus reducing logistic requirements in proportion and obviously affecting costs at the same time.

5. Totally cuts out installation: Normal display racks are bulky and heavy, and require a team to travel across locations unpacking and installing it. This created more carbon footprint. In the case of CRAZY FSU, you need nobody to install. Anybody can do it takes 10 seconds, without any tools or expertise.

6. Requires no wooden packaging: A majority of display racks are bulky and cumbersome, and require very strong wooden packaging to be transported around. When we made a foldable rack, the intention was to make it so tough that it could just be folded and packed in a basic corrugated packing and sent anywhere – thus reducing our utilization of wood.

7. All printing is eco-friendly inks: The fabric printed on the CRAZY FSU is all done through UV cured inks which is the most eco-friendly printing technology available till date. Most vinyl stickering uses eco-solvent or solvent inks which are very harmful and non degradable, and therefore is starting to be banned in most countries.


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