Birds Eye View From The Frozen Aisle

Article Courtesy of Mike Anthony

Birds Eye

Its not easy to create something really different in a retail environment. In this article I’d like to share a shopper marketing case study that does this and use it to understand some of the critical success factors behind creating significant change in-store – nine key learnings from one in-store marketing case study!

Shopper Marketing Case Study: Its hard to have a major impact in-store!

Anyone working in consumer goods knows how hard it is to do something differentiated in-store. The barriers are myriad: You need to have good data, and the ability to create ground-breaking shopper insights. You need to be able to turn this into a meaningful plan, and you need to get budgets together to implement it. And last, but not least, you need to get a retailer to support it. A barrier in any of these areas means that the shelf stays broadly the same. So, when I came across this vibrant and exciting implementation in the frozen aisle of Sainsbury’s, a UK supermarket chain, I was keen to understand how it came to be. And very kindly the team behind it were happy for me to share this as a shopper marketing case study.

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