Spa Sciences Helps Shoppers Get Their Glow On

Spa Sciences

Spa Sciences, an American-based innovator and distributor of clinically-tested beauty devices, recently partnered up with Walmart to roll out this interactive skin care end cap display.

Spa Sciences consist of a diverse team of skincare experts, including scientists, engineers, designers, and beauticians that are committed to providing clinically effective, safe and affordable beauty devices for in-home use.

The display featured three of the company’s top-selling products which were affixed to the center support for shoppers to touch and hold.

Below each product, the brand provided a web address as well as a ‘no app needed’ code which shoppers could activate with their phones to receive more information.

A prominent header depicted large product images as well as other supporting assets. Love how the graphic design utilized the A from the their logo as a repeated pattern over the entire display.


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