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Thimm click’n’display: Fast display solutions for Bremer Spirituosen Contor with a digital configurator

With the innovative click’n’display configurator from Thimm, standard displays can be configured in just a few steps and adapted to individual requirements. Customers can clearly visualise their desired display and the wide range of adjustment options from the very outset. Thimm very quickly implemented the optimum display solution for Bremer Spirituosen Contor using the in-house developed tool.

A standard display can be created with click’n’display in just a few steps. Firstly, information about the product such as size and weight, type and number of products to be placed is specified. Based on these data, the tool suggests different display variations from the standard range. “In the configurator, we start directly with a clear simulation of the display which can then be customised to the customer’s products and specifications,” reports Michael Weber, Head of Corporate Strategy + Marketing at Thimm Group. Visual factors such as the communications area required on the display along with economic factors such as optimum space utilisation are taken into account during the development of the standard display. The data of the finished display are automatically transferred to the CRM system which then triggers the next phase of the development process. This streamlined process makes it possible that a sample of the desired display can be sent to the customer after just one day.

The practical tool offers uncomplicated and quickly available display solutions which add value for all customers of Thimm Group. This is also the case for Bremer Spirituosen Contor. The customer is a specialised intermediary wholesaler of spirits, champagne, sparkling wine and wine as well as an importer of international premium spirits. In addition to selling well-known brands, the company also sells special exclusive and own brands in retail outlets. To position these products at over 3500 retailers the company relies on standard displays from Thimm. The click’n’display configurator enabled the Bremen-based spirits retailer to choose from the outset from the various visualisations of the existing display options. The customer was particularly impressed by the fact that the configurator directly illustrates any adjustments to the display along with their effects on surface usage efficiency and costs. Click’n’display thus ensured a transparent and streamlined implementation of the desired display solution.

Michael Weber reports that the positive response of the many customers who have already used click’n’display is also reflected in the experiences of Thimm’s sales employees: “The demand for standardised displays for many different applications and volume ranges is huge. The configurator enables us to illustrate the wide range of variation options, also in standard solutions, to our customers in the best possible way – and all of this digitally. This also means we can deploy our consulting expertise without the need for an in-person meeting and involve our customers in the development process of their displays. This is a huge advantage, especially during a pandemic.”

The company wants to build on this success and further expand the configurator developed in-house at Thimm. For example, more modules for standard displays are scheduled to be included in the portfolio and the visualisations of the products and displays will be made more customer-specific.






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