POP Parade October 2014

Courtesy of VJ Media Works

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Floor Display

In High Spirits

Park Avenue’s men’s personal grooming product ‘Beer Shampoo’ is making a highly visible presence in mass trade stores with this brightly decorated floor display. Several variants can be displayed on the sturdy hutch that is flanked by a huge product replica. The giant bottle commanded instant brand recognition and is a big reason for attracting shoppers to the display which resulted in impressive sales.


Dettol Dish Soap Floor Display

Hygiene Factor

Reckitt Benckiser entered the soap and sanitation aisles with Dettol Healthy Kitchen Gel to intensify its presence in the FMCG category. Merchandising four variants and easily replenished, the sturdy bottle shaped display was an instant hit with shoppers.


Colgate Cavity Free Floor Display

Maximum Protection

Colgate-Palmolive India has introduced a new range of toothpaste with the proposition — “New Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection having Sugar Acid Neutralizer”. The floor display representing this promotion was placed in the FMCG section of personal care aisles across various MT chains. In addition to a large product tip-on, brand colors on the side wings and base reinforced style guide assets. A group photo and additional messaging topped off the display.


Colgate Slimsoft Display

Total Impact

Colgate-Palmolive India has executed an interesting floor stand to promote its New Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal toothbrush across various MT chains. Placed in the Hygiene and Personal Care section, this display stands out for its unique design featuring informative 3D dummy cut-outs attached to the header.


Vwash Floor Display

Expert Wash

This interesting display for Vwash (Glenmark Pharma) was manufactured by Sab Creations for “More” Brand Retail outlets in Delhi, Bengaluru and Thane. The idea was to create an attractive display that had a feminine form by taking cues from the product packaging. While designing this display, the brand communication, product accessibility and stocking ability was given equal importance to increase the visibility level for the brand.


Snickers Hungry Floor Display

Grab A Snickers Floor Display

This Snickers peg hook tower was designed to consume minimal floor space while optimizing product facings. Manufactured by Sab Creations, the display was made of ½” metal pipe with powder coating, cladded with 3mm sunboard and 6 color latex prints on vinyl. Aside from being cost-effective, the modular unit was easy to transport and execute in various retail outlets.


Multi-Brand Grooming Floor Display

Grooming Delights To Help You Look Your Best

Spencer’s Retail has created this unique display unit at their hyperstores to showcase an entire gamut of men’s grooming products. Stocked with brands like Aramusk, Fiama Di Wills, Himalayan Herbal Face Wash…….. the products were strategically arranged on each layer of the display so that shoppers had a clear view the product lines on all four sides.