Trending POP In-Store: Edition 28

Free Pass Bus Snack Display

Frito Lay Helps To Save Endangered Animals

Starting June 23rd, Frito-Lay kicked off an in-store promotion with AZA, Accredited Zoos and Aquariums. For over a century, AZA has been helping to save endangered species from extinction with their SAFE program which partners with companies like Quaker and Frito-Lay to provide resources and expertise to zoo and aquarium visitors.

The campaign which ends October 20th, 2016, encourages shoppers to pack their kids lunches with Frito-Lay products to receive a free pass to a participating AZA Zoom or Aquarium. Delivering attention to the promotion, the brand used their everyday-weekender displays to create a large and inviting floor display decorated with animals driving a safari bus.


Frito Lay Winning Combination Floor Display

Snack In The Sun Floor Display

Frito-Lay Rolling Floor Display



Aleve Tower Floor Display

Aleve Tower Display Offers Shoppers Pain Relief and Savings

Walgreens just launched a one month promotion for Bayer’s Aleve 40/50ct products with $1.00 off in their August coupon book. The brand is using this sleek mini tower to deliver the savings. With minimal ‘creative space’ to work with, this display does a great job creating visual excitement with a combination of curves and angled lines. In addition to this promotion, Aleve also has another active campaign with the retailer to promote their new Direct Therapy TENS device.


Aleve Direct Therapy End Cap Tray

Aleve Find Fast Relief Mini Wing

Aleve Bonus Offer End Cap Trays



Victor Dump Bin Floor Display

Victor Display Helps Control Unwanted Pests

For over 100 years, Victor has been a world leader in the rodent control category. The brand was recently spotted in a small hardware store promoting their wood-based wire snap traps with this dump bin display. The product tray was designed in the shape of their logo, creating brand recognition and visual interest. Loved the yellow base printed with knocked out white circles which represents the standard food bait used in their traps…..cheese!

The Victor ‘letter-shaped’ floor display reminded us of another posting where Krazy Glue used the letter K to create a real eye-catcher at home improvement retailers.


Victor Kills Mice Side Kick

Victor Repels Rodents Pallet Display