Tipperary Water Display Twists The Cap

Tipperary Natural Mineral Water

This past August, Tipperary Water unveiled its new eco-friendly carton using an Out of Home (OOH) campaign to bring consumer awareness to their new plant-based carton. The campaign name, ‘Twist the Cap to Change the World”, helps tell the sustainable story by connecting with consumers at the point of purchase using several touchpoints.

Sarah Leahy, Brand Manager Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Bulmers Ireland said of the campaign; “Tipperary Water has been listening to customers and consumers who are looking for an alternative to single use plastic. Our new eco-friendly carton is the perfect solution and we are excited to bring consumers on this journey with us to becoming a more eco-friendly brand. We want to highlight to consumers that by making small changes each day, such as twisting the cap on our eco-friendly carton they can help to make a big difference.”

To help make the connection at retail, Tipperary Water rolled out this floor display which resembled a large version of their new carton. The copy areas on the display took advantage of the brand’s eco-friendly messaging by highlighting key product attributes and campaign tie-ins on all four sides of the merchandiser………strong out-of-the-gate effort by Tipperary Water and their design partners.






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