Duraco Offers New LSE Tape Products

Duraco Tape Products

Duraco is announcing the launch of a brand-new LSE adhesive system to meet customer demand and help overcome challenges by providing design versatility when working with hard-to-bond surfaces. The new LSE adhesive tape systems are suitable for LSE substrates including LSE plastics, print UV inks, powder coated metals and UV coatings.

The new LSE adhesive system will provide the following advantages:

  • Durable adhesive that quickly bonds on contact to LSE plastics and substrates
  • Alternative to mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives, no tools required
  • Reduces cost and assembly time, increases production, and improves operation processes
  • Provides uniform thickness and gap filling properties
  • Fast and easy-to use bonding method that requires no preparation or use of hazardous chemicals


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