OSI Creative Introduces Shelf Stalker Flash

OSI Lighted Aisle Violator

Innovative new POP product for in-store marketing features a flashing LED light and bold graphic displays to grab customers’ attention like never before!

OSI Creative, a leading provider of global supply chain managed solutions for point-of-purchase displays (POP), consumer product packaging and branded merchandise programs, today introduced Shelf Stalker™ Flash, the latest addition to its successful line of Shelf Stalker POP products for in-store marketing. Easily attaching to shelves in big-box stores, convenience stores and food retailers, Shelf Stalker Flash incorporates a battery-powered, flashing LED light positioned between double-sided graphic displays to grab customers’ attention when walking down the aisle.

Shelf Stalker Flash is the third in the company’s successful line of award-winning Shelf Stalker products. It’s a simple and effective way to illuminate brands and make merchandise stand out.

“While products in stores are often difficult to see from the ends of aisles, Shelf Stalker Flash ads stand out from the shelf, parallel to shoppers’ line of sight. Combine this with our innovative new flashing light-powered display technology, and you have a powerful tool proven to create maximum marketing exposure,” said Joe Baksha, President and CEO of OSI Creative.

“Studies have shown that incorporating one or more of the five senses increases the connection between people and products, helping to drive sales. When advertisers have just three seconds to catch the attention of a shopper and set their product apart, the flashing light catches the shopper’s eye and singles out specific products from the hundreds of other products in the same aisle,” added Baksha.

The Shelf Stalker Flash aisle violators and flashing signage adhere to store shelves with strong rare-earth magnets, allowing them to go straight from the box to the shelf without any hardware. Cost-effective and simple graphic replacement allows the ads to be easily moved and repositioned, making this a permanent, yet versatile merchandising item sure to stop traffic in its tracks.

“Shelf Stalker Flash is lightweight, simple to use and can be refreshed with new graphics quickly, easily and inexpensively. There is nothing like this in the market today. As long as the store’s lights are on, the multi-sized flashing unit flashes round the clock, giving brands a competitive edge on shelf marketing throughout the entire shopping day,” said Baksha.
Stand out with Shelf Stalkers: About the Shelf Stalker Product Family

The award-winning Shelf Stalker product family includes:

  • Shelf Stalker™ Xtend – The original aisle violator that easily adheres to store shelves right out of the box without any hardware! Shelf Stalker Xtend is available in four different styles and sizes.
  • Shelf Stalker™ LED – The motion-activated visual solution at retail. Shelf Stalker LED features motion-activated RF sensor technology that lights up your ad as customers walk by.
  • Shelf Stalker™ Flash – The newest addition to the Shelf Stalker product family. Shelf Stalker Flash incorporates a battery-powered, flashing LED light positioned between double-sided graphic displays to grab customers’ attention like never before.