Eco-Friendly Packaging For Flaconi

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Thimm recenty developed packaging that is both environmentally-friendly and eye-catching for various beauty products from the Berlin-based online beauty pure player flaconi. The holistic solution acts as a brand ambassador and surprises the recipient with an emotional unpacking experience.

flaconi is one of the leading online shops for beauty products in Germany and offers a wide range of perfumes, skincare products, make-up, hair care, tools and accessories. With Thimm, the online shop has found a partner for the development of high-quality e-commerce packaging with an integrated corrugated cardboard product fixing mechanism and targeted customer communication.

The shipping packaging developed by Thimm is a three-part solution and consists of an outer box, a flexible tray and a raster insert. The outer box has a brown outer cover and a high-quality white inner cover. The packaging has high-quality printing on the inside and outside. An integrated flexible tray made from corrugated cardboard fixes the beauty products in place during transportation. In order to make the packaging even more environmentally-friendly, Thimm has replaced the previous fixing, made from bubble wrap, with a new tray made from corrugated cardboard. This has reduced the proportion of external packaging materials and made a further important contribution to sustainability.

To ensure the products in the e-commerce packaging are fixed securely in place by height and also at the sides, a height-adjustable raster insert supplements the product fixing. The raster insert offers another advantage: It is digitally printed, can be used flexibly for seasonal or promotional campaigns and also used as a high-impact advertising surface for targeted customer communication. These are some of the benefits of digital printing: As no printing plates are required, short-term alterations, changing campaigns, advertising partnerships and special requests from the customer can be responded to immediately. When opening the flaconi packaging the eyes are immediately drawn to the advertising message on the raster insert which creates an emotional response in the customer.






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