Vintage Candy Store POP Displays

A recent visit to an old school candy store revealed a treasure trove of several great examples of pop displays from a bygone era. Scroll down to see how displays used to be. Also, if you are interested in additional examples of nostalgic POP, visit our gallery and select the Display Type button to choose the Classic POP category.


Nu-Tyed POP Display

Nu-Tyed Ready Tied Ties



Twenty Grand Double Edge POP

Twenty Grand Double Edge Blades



Tru-Pak Aspirin Display

Tru-Pak Aspirins



Peerless Goggles Display

Peerless Outdoor Sports Goggles



Moonlight Creme Rouge Display

Moonlight Creme Rouge



Gillette Blue Blades POP

Gillette Blue Blades



Tru-Pak Comb Display

Tru-Pak Pocket Combs



Wrigley’s Check Out Display Still Generating Gum Sales

Slaymaker Pegboard Lock Display

Calumet Baking Powder Metal Sign