3D Elements Add Visual Excitement

Article Courtesy of Will Phillips

3D Elements Bring Visual Excitement to Walmart HBC End Caps

Three-dimensional elements and floating shelves create eye-catching differentiation for end cap displays. A few recent observations on the Health & Beauty aisle at Walmart are below.


L'Oreal AIRvolume

L’Oreal Air Volume Mascara uses a variety of “lug-on” graphics with product-showcasing floating shelves to elevate this display.

L'Oreal AIRvolume



NYX Cosmetics Diamonds & Ice

NYX Cosmetics Diamonds & Ice holding spray is a bold traffic-stopper. Bright colors, “in your face” graphics, and dimensional elements make this end cap effective in drawing shoppers into the section.



Burt's Bees Side Kick Display

The Clorox Company ‘s Burt’s Bees deployed a large 3D lip balm stick to add eye-catching depth for their HBC end stand.

Burt's Bees Side Kick Display

Color, shape and product presentation are important in drawing shoppers’ attention to a promotional display. I found these to be excellent examples. What are your thoughts?



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