Unilever Offers The New Way To Stay Dry

Top deodorant brand Unilever has expanded its personal care products with the debut of a new line of dry spray antiperspirants. According to their website, the new dry spray antiperspirant lets you spray on strong protection that dries instantly with no visible residue and keeps working for up to 48 hours. Unilever is offering the spray formulas in the following popular deodorant brands…..AXE®, Degree®, Dove®, and Dove® Men + Care®.

Back in the 1970’s, the popularity of spray deodorants eroded because the propellants used in them were not environmentally-friendly, driving consumers into the stick deodorant market. Unilever hopes to create new interest with their spray products by offering a lighter package design and a more advanced sustainable propellant system.

The launch was supported by several retailers, TV, social media and in-store circulars. All of these new products are being promoted on store shelves and in POP vehicles, such as the ones shown below.


Dove Stay Dry Campaign Floor Display


Dove Stay Dry Campaign Side Kick Displa


Dove Stay Dry Campaign Shelf Display


Dove Stay Dry End Cap Display


Dove Stay Dry Inline Signage


Dove Stay Dry Aisle Violator