POP Parade November 2016

Pringles Cannon Stacker Display

Company: Pringles
Brand: Pringles Original
Materials Used: MDF structure with Vinyl
printing on Sun Board and APC (Aluminium
Composite Sheets)



Palmolive Floor Display

Company: Colgate-Palmolive
Brand: Palmolive Aroma Therapy
Materials Used: MDF structure with Vinyl Pasting



Hot Heads Floor Display

Company: Nestle India
Product : Hot Heads
Materials Used: Styrene Sheets and MS Frames



Minute Maid Stacker Display

Company: Coca Cola
Brand: Minute Maid
Materials Used: Vinyl Pasting on Sun Board



Twinings Tea Floor Display

Company: Twinings of London
Brand: Complete Range of Tea
Materials Used: Wooden structure