POP Parade May 2015

Courtesy of VJ Media Works

Snickers Cricket Floor Display

Snickers Celebrates the Cricket World Cup

Popular chocolate brand Snickers launched a special display to bring the spirit of the Cricket World Cup in-store. Created by Sab Creations, this unit proved to be highly effective in attracting shoppers in the MT retail chains, having very high stocks as well as good accessibility to the products. The effective use of lighting made the unit stand out in-store and brought alive the atmosphere of a cricket stadium by placing the Snickers packs into the stands like spectators.


Mountain Dew Floor Stacker

Mountain Dew Neon Pack Reaches Greater Heights At Retail

Mountain Dew recently unveiled its ‘neon’ pack in the Indian market with this interesting display created by Brand Evoke Systems & Creative Solutions. The brand chose regional superstars to connect with the trade and also communicated in the regional languages of the specific markets where the unit was deployed.

Measuring 4′(w)x 4′ (h)x 5.5′(h), the front and back was designed in the shape of a mountain fabricated in 8 mm MDF. The Mountain Dew bottle was a vacuum formed piece and the dimensional actor cutout was produced using 5mm sunboard.


Special K Wedding Display

Special K Helps Shoppers Shape Up For Wedding Season

Kellogg’s Special K created a wedding atmosphere in HyperCity stores with this dress-up kit designed for end cap displays. The brand launched the weight loss promotion during wedding season to drive category sales.

The kits were produced using red satin cloth with router cut MDF. The gold finish and metal frame were mocked up using digital vinyl graphics. In addition to these kits, special queue managers were made representing decorated pillars which were placed at the store entrance.


Colgate Damaged Enamel Floor Display

Colgate Cures Sensitivity With Cool Floor Display

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, the popular toothpaste brand from the house of Colgate-Palmolive Company, recently rolled out this innovative floor display in modern retail stores across the country. The display aimed at communicating the message that ‘Damaged Enamel causes Sensitivity’ and Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief is the solution for such damaged teeth. Aptly placed in the oral care section, the display grabs the attention of consumers with its design that includes a 3D cut-out of a tooth in a glass of cold water with a lemon on top of it.


Scholl Velvet Floor Display

Smooth operator  

Scholl recently launched this innovative display to showcase their new product – Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi. A large product replica was affixed to the left side of the unit on a clear curved panel. All of the shelves were branded with the message “Soft beautiful feet effortlessly” while the riser depicted in-use imagery.


Ratnaprash Mini Wing Display

Dabur Helps Shoppers Get The Power of Youth

For its health benefit brand Ratnaprash, Dabur recently rolled out this parasite hanger across Indian hypermarket stores. Designed and fabricated by Sab Creations, the unit dimensions are height 33″ x length 6″ with a depth of 6″.  According to Sab Creations, the unit had to be durable as the product is quite heavy so they chose thermoforming for strength and decorated it with vinyl branding.