Cartini Floor Display Gets Cutting Edge In-Store

Cartini POP Floor Display

Cartini, a manufacturing specialist in cutting tools, recently rolled out this new floor stand display to introduce a few of the brand’s scissor and knife products to shoppers in modern trade outlets. According to their website, Cartini’s multipurpose tools ooze finesse and comfort……boasting a wide range of applications in kitchen, craft, office, grooming, textiles, gardening and much more.

Yogesh Chawan, co-founder and creative head of Brandmark shared with Point of Purchase, “With Cartini being a modern cutlery brand, we wanted to create a design that combined fresh and traditional thought, with emphasis on the long-standing heritage of Godrej. Our main inspiration for the display came from the traditional way of sharpening knives mechanically, which is still prevalent today in India.”

Chawan further added, “The sharpener usually has some sort of mobile work bench with a grinding wheel which may be powered by hand, bicycle mechanism or electric motor. Using these elements as inspiration, we created a design taking brand guidelines and retail complexities into account. The final display consisted of a real cycle wheel, grinding stone and pedal which was mounted to a metal frame. The execution of these components was well done and gave the impression of being an actual functioning unit.

The construction, Chawan says, “MS metal framework with powder coating and modular peg hooks were used to carry the product packs. A prominent vinyl branding was added to the header and footer of the unit, highlighting brand presence. The design is modern, inspiring, expressive, and about people, he added.”