POP Parade June 2015

Courtesy of VJ Media Works

Johnson's Playful Bubbles Floor Display

Johnson & Johnson Floor Display Is So Soft!

Johnson & Johnson Limited, the popular medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer, recently rolled out a new campaign for their baby products in hypermarkets and supermarkets across India with this floor display.

In an attempt to attract mew mothers to their product lines, the brand placed the displays in baby grooming sections at retailers. The imagery and tagline were kept simple, with the main focal point consisting of a large image of a baby being bathed. The display merchandised shampoo, top to toe wash, body lotion and baby wipes.


Beat The Heat Floor Display

Beat The Heat And Sip It Cool

Spotted in Spencer’s at South City Mall, this innovative floor display was designed by Spencer’s visual merchandising team to promote various beverages available at the hypermarket. Just in time for the summer season, the glass-shaped ‘Spencer’s Summer Chill Delights’ display provides the look of a refreshingly chilled, orange drink decorated with a pink cocktail umbrella. The unit merchandises various branded products like Kissan, Lipton and Bru.


Pillsbury Choco Spread Floor Display

Pillsbury Choco Spread Floor Display

Pillsbury recently launched an in-store campaign to promote their new product ‘milk choco spread’ across major retailers in India. Placed in the gourmet section of supermarkets, this delicious-looking floor display was an eye-catcher with a chocolate stream flowing out of the package…..down to the base. The product mix included several of Pillsbury’s baking favorites.


Glucon D Floor DisplayGlucon-D Floor Display Adds Exciting Energy At Retail

Glucon D, the popular energy drink from Heinz,rolled out this innovative display fixture in modern trade outlets across the country to promote their new range of flavors. The brand’s objective behind this promotion was to highlight Orange Blast and Rose Splash as perfect summer drinks, which energizes kids instantly, keeping them active and healthy all day.

Kreo Design & Innovation, conceptualised, designed and executed the launch. Darshita Thaker, Founder & Design Director of KREO Design & Innovation shares, “Glucon D approached Kreo with the concept to create an outstanding merchandiser with a space constraint of 2′ length x 2′ width x 4.5′ high.

With regards to design, she adds, “The theme revolves around kids (5-16 years old) who are energetic, playful, and socially active. The thought of a refreshing and energizing experience this summer was amplified through a display of colourful tones that catches the attention of kids. The three shelves with a circular base add more volume and depth to the unit. The levels taper upwards to incorporate the graphics perfectly.”

“This overall design brings a balance between the communication and the products creating more visibility of the range from any angle around the 360 degree display. The materials used for the fabrication were – MDF, MS Pipe and rods with duco paint finish for the body structure and digital vinyl printing for the graphics.”


Unilever Multi-Brand Floor Display

Unilever Floor Display Is Pretty & Pink

Spencer’s Retail recently rolled out this floral-themed display to showcase Hindustan Unilever products. The arch-shaped, pink display stocked soaps on one side and body lotions on the other. The double-sided open unit enabled several shoppers to browse through the product selections.