POP Parade June 2013 – Part 2

Pantene Fusion Floor Display

Pantene Goes Pretty

This sleek unit is made up of MDF. The middle graphic partition and the combination of white and light green shades add to the overall appeal. The display has a metal frame for support and is made up of sun board and wood. The floor stand can stock 20-25 units at one time. The unit was found in Big Bazaar Mumbai.


Nescafe Gold Standard Floor Display

Nescafe’s Gold Rush

Nescafe Gold, the coffee brand Nestle, came up with a sleek unit to highlight their Gold Coffee range with this smoothly finished floor stand. The black display was created entirely from MDF with gold finish used for highlighting the top branding. The unit translates the brand’s focus on the gold imagery in a dramatic way by demonstrating a gold smoke coming out of the coffee bean illustrated on both the sides of the unit. The unit lends a premium aura to the retail space which also matches the brand positioning. The unit has four shelves which can stock 45-50 units with the brand communication of Nescafe Gold on each shelf. The unit was found in Big Bazaar, Mumbai.


Hit Roach Gel Floor Display

Hitting On The Right Visibility

Hit, an anti roach gel by Godrej, came up with an interesting unit which communicated the brand’s message in a lucid way by creating a life size replica of the hit product. The story conveyed in the bottom branding shows cockroaches approaching the pencil looking unit, ready to attack. The red color of the unit is eye catching and the detailing of the product gives it a life-like look. The top branding of HIT in yellow color gives a strong visibility. The unit made up of metal frame for support and wood has five shelves which can stock 25-30 units easily. The unit was found in Spencer’s, Mumbai. The unit is created by DMS.


L'Oreal White Perfect Floor Display

High Tech and Minimalist

L’Oreal Paris recently introduced White Perfect Laser, which is an advanced whitening treatment which is highly concentrated with natural antioxidants. It is positioned as a substitute for laser treatment therapy and had to be conveyed to consumers at retail.

Brandmark Solutions grabbed this opportunity and created a floor standing unit incorporating the product features (laser therapy). This unit is made of MDF. The single cut back-lit Acrylic and a trail of blue LEDs running throughout the Acrylic give it a running laser look. The display design was meant to convey the technology and cutting edge laser therapy offered by L’Oreal Paris. The logo and the artworks are wisely placed as to convey the ‘premium’ factor of the brand as well as highlight product features. Only one set of the products was placed on this unit to maintain the minimalist and premium look.


Cadbury 5 Star Counter Display

5 Star’s Compact and Engaging Presence

The counter display unit by Spectrum Scan shows that compact size can have good stocking space too. This new unit found in all general stores pan India is made up of HIPS and sun board and can easily stock 35-40 units at one go. The branding on top communicates: “Find what’s inside!” making the shopper curious enough to engage with the unit. The display basically manages to trigger the temptation factor and therefore the purchase possibility by being placed close to the shopper.